Site: Hardy Pace’s Res., Howard’s Headquarters

Site: Hardy Pace's Res., Howard's Headquarters

Year Erected: 1954

Marker Text: Hardy Pace (1785-1864), operated the Chattahoochee River ferry at site of bridge where Pace's Ferry Rd. crosses. Federal forces occupied Vining's Station, July 5-17, 1864, while preparing to cross at Pace's & Power's for the move on Atlanta. Gen. O.O. Howard, 4th A.C., had headquarters at the Pace res., July 5-10. Vining's temporary terminal of the R.R., was the subsistence & ammunition dump of the Federal army during the siege & capture of Atlanta. Wounded from the Atlanta front were sent to Vining's where the Pace house was used as a hospital -- later, destroyed by fire.

Tips for Finding This Marker: On Pace's Ferry Road in Vinings.