Moore’s Ford Lynching

Year Erected: 1999

Marker Text: 2.4 miles east, at Moore’s Ford Bridge on the Apalachee River, four African-Americans ­– George and Mae Murray Dorsey and Roger and Dorothy Dorsey Malcom (reportedly 7 months pregnant) – were brutally beaten and shot by an unmasked mob on the afternoon of July 25, 1946. The lynching followed an argument between Roger Malcom and a local white farmer. These unsolved murders played a crucial role in both President Truman’s commitment to civil rights legislation and the ensuing modern civil rights movement. In 1998, a biracial memorial service honoring the victims was held at Moore’s Ford Bridge.

Erected by the Georgia Historical Society and the Moore's Ford Memorial Committee

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Tips for Finding This Site: US Hwy. 78 and Locklin Road at the Oconee County line