Home of Alice Harrell Strickland — Georgia’s First Woman Mayor

Alice Herrell Strickland MarkerYear Erected: 1999

Marker Text: Alice Harrell Strickland (1859-1947) and her husband Henry built this home in 1898. The Stricklands raised seven children before Henry's death in 1917. Mrs. Strickland then became a community leader. With her service as Mayor of Duluth in 1922-23, she became Georgia's First Woman Mayor. Additionally, she served as Civic Club president, opened her home as a children's clinic since there was no hospital facility available, and led the community in forestry conservation with the donation of land for a community forest. Mrs. Strickland lived here until her death.

Erected by The Georgia Historical Society and the City of Duluth

Tips for Finding This Site: 2956 Buford Hwy. in Duluth