Fort Screven

Fort ScrevenYear Erected: 1958

Marker Text: The Legislature of Georgia in 1786 passed a law providing for a fort on Cockspur or Tybee Island to be named in honor of General James Screven, Revolutionary War hero. It was never built by the state. In 1808 the Federal government obtained jurisdiction over the property on Tybee Island now known as Fort Screven Reservation. Actual title was acquired in 1875 and the post, established in 1898, was in continuous use from the Spanish-American War through both World Wars. Primarily a Coast Artillery fort, at one time Fort Fremont in South Carolina was under its jurisdiction. It became an Infantry post and finally a school for deep-sea diving. Many distinguished officers saw duty here, including General George C. Marshall as colonel in command. In 1945 Fort Screven was declared surplus by the War Department and acquired by town of Savannah Beach.

Tips for Finding This Marker: At the Tybee Museum on Tybee Island.