Amanda America Dickson Toomer

Year Erected: 2021

Marker Text: Amanda America Dickson Toomer was born in Hancock County in 1849, to wealthy planter David Dickson and Julia, who was enslaved by Dickson’s mother Elizabeth. Although conceived through the rape of her adolescent mother, Amanda was raised and educated in the Dickson household. Upon his death in 1885, Dickson bequeathed most of his wealth to Amanda. Contested by White relatives, the will was confirmed by an all-male White jury in Hancock County, and upheld by the Georgia Supreme Court under the 14th Amendment. After purchasing this home in 1886, Amanda became an integral member of Augusta’s Black community. Known for her philanthropy and attendance at Mother Trinity Church, Amanda died in 1893 as one of the country’s wealthiest Black citizens. She is buried in Augusta’s Cedar Grove Cemetery.

Erected by the Georgia Historical Society, The Lucy Craft Laney Museum of Black History, Historic Augusta, Inc., and The Hock Development Company

Tips for Finding This Marker: At 448 Telfair Street in Augusta.