Georgia Historical Society Mission Statement is Focus of New “We Believe” Video

Atlanta, Ga., December 14, 2016 - The Georgia Historical Society (GHS) today released “We Believe,” a short video about the mission of the Georgia Historical Society and how GHS—as the oldest continually operating public history institution in the South—has continued to impact education and research for nearly two centuries.

“‘We Believe’ is more than a mission statement, it’s the very core of who we are and what we do every day and why the study of history is more important now than ever,” said Dr. W. Todd Groce, President and CEO of the Georgia Historical Society. “Through educational initiatives, public programs, and historical markers, GHS has been a catalyst for vital historical research and dialogue necessary to build a better future in Georgia and the world.”

The video is part of the GHS $13 million dollar Next Century Initiative (NCI), an ambitious campaign designed to propel the institution forward, create new opportunities for growth, and ensure its future stability and independence. The cornerstone of the initiative is strengthening the GHS endowment to $20 million with the addition of $11.5 million from the NCI campaign and ensuring the long-term financial security of the Society. The remaining $1.5 million will be allocated for renovating the GHS Research Center. The funds will allow GHS to improve archival storage and enhance research services by implementing several deferred maintenance projects in the 140-year-old structure dedicated in 1876 as a permanent building for the Georgia Historical Society, and designed by the American Institute of Architects’ founder Detlef Lienau.

“We've struggled to succinctly describe the breadth of the GHS mission and our statewide educational outreach," said Laura Garcia-Culler, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of the Georgia Historical Society. "In this exciting collaboration with Left Brain Right using new media, we can quickly demonstrate to students, educators, public officials, corporations, and potential donors what GHS does for the people of Georgia.”

The video will also become part of a larger History Relevance Campaign, a nationwide effort to demonstrate why the study of history and the humanities are equally as important as STEM.

“History is part of who we are as Americans, and the study of history prepares students for the workplace and helps to maintain our position in the global economy,” added Groce.

The video, created by Savannah-based Left Brain Right, is just over three minutes long and demonstrates the mission of the Georgia Historical Society to engage citizens, inspire leaders, encourage critical thinking, and spur economic development.

The video can be viewed via the link below and on the GHS website at

We Believe