Metro Atlanta Chamber Named Newest Honoree in Georgia Business History Initiative

Atlanta, May, 19, 2022 – The Georgia Historical Society welcomed the Metro Atlanta Chamber as the newest member of the Georgia Business History initiative at a ceremony and historical marker unveiling today at its headquarters in Atlanta. The Metro Atlanta Chamber is a 163-year-old organization that represents businesses, colleges and universities, and nonprofits across the 29-county region that makes up the nation’s ninth largest market.

“Today really is a celebration of our region, our community, our work, but is also a reminder as we look to the future,” said Katie Kirkpatrick, president and CEO of Metro Atlanta Chamber. “We look back to our accomplishments in the Civil Rights era, our work with Grady, as well as our work in infrastructure and public education. These pieces serve as a charge to all of us to continue to pursue partnership, opportunity, and community, with an eye on the advancement of all people in this region.”

Each year the Georgia Historical Society selects iconic companies and institutions throughout the state to be honored through its Business History Initiative. Those selected are leaders and pioneers in their respective fields that have made significant contributions to the state of Georgia. By choosing these companies and institutions, GHS seeks to teach Georgia students, citizens and tourists alike about the pivotal role they have played in the economic, cultural and social development of Georgia and the United States.

“The story of Georgia in the 20th and 21st centuries is really one of business and the impact, not only on this state and America, but really one on the world,” Dr. W. Todd Groce, Ph.D., president and CEO of the Georgia Historical Society, said at the ceremony.

Each honoree in the Business History Initiative receives a historical marker that tells the story of that company’s contribution to the development of Georgia and the nation. The executive summary of the company history is erected at a site of historical significance to the company, and is also available online through the award-winning GHS Historical Marker website and app.

For more information about the Georgia Business History Initiative, please contact Keith Strigaro, GHS Director of Communications at or at 912-651-2125, ext. 153.

The marker text reads:

Metro Atlanta Chamber

The Atlanta Chamber of Commerce was established in 1859 as an attempt to address concerns of local businesses over railroad freight costs. The Chamber reorganized in 1871 to serve the business community and promote commerce. It was responsible for the 1895 Cotton States and International Exposition that showcased Atlanta as a regional business center. In the early twentieth century, the Chamber raised $1.5 million for infrastructure, Grady Hospital, and public schools. The Chamber helped guide Atlanta during the Civil Rights era as the first Georgia business organization to support public school desegregation. Later in the twentieth century, the Chamber campaigned to recruit businesses and improve transportation by advocating for the construction of the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA). Today, the Metro Atlanta Chamber continues to drive the region’s reputation as a global competitor.

Erected by the Georgia Historical Society and
the Metro Atlanta Chamber


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