Marker Monday: Fort Morris

To highlight this year’s Georgia History Festival theme, “A Legacy of Leadership,” November’s #MarkerMondays explore Georgia’s military history.

ThisFort Morris week’s #MarkerMonday highlights Fort Morris, located in Sunbury, Georgia. In 1776, at a meeting of the Continental Congress, delegates recognized the need to protect the seaport of Sunbury from the growing British threat. To fulfill this need, construction began to erect a fort on a low bluff on the Medway River at Sunbury and was named in honor of Captain Thomas Morris, the commanding officer of the first artillery unit to occupy the garrison during the American Revolution.

Entrance to Fort Morris and moat. Image Credit: John Stanton. Accessed through

Within a year of the fort’s completion, on November 25, 1778, the British demanded that the American forces at the site surrender immediately. The commander at the time, Colonel John McIntosh, responded, “Come and take it!” Due to an insufficient number of troops, the British retreated back to Florida, only to return a few months later. On January 9, 1779, the British captured Fort Morris after a short but heavy bombardment. Renaming the site Fort George, the British controlled the fort until the fort’s abandonment in 1782. At the outbreak of the War of 1812, Georgia’s coast was again threatened by the British. Under the name of Fort Defiance, a new battery was built at the site to protect the Port of Sunbury from attack. American forces prepared for the British to move north along the Georgia Coast from Cumberland Island and St. Marys. However military operations were halted when the war ended with the signing of the Treaty of Ghent.

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